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BSSi’s Story

Bluefield Seeding Solutions Inc. (BSSI) was established in 2018 by Craig McCloskey a potato farmer in PEI Canada. Craig developed and patented a press wheel system that enabled him to plant faster on his farm. After demonstrating the system to Trent Cousins & Danie van Schalkwyk of Allan Equipment Manufacturing Ltd. (AEML). AEML started manufacturing & selling Press Wheels kits in 2019 and currently distributes the Press Wheel kits across North America.

After the successful commercialization of the Press Wheel System Craig started thinking about ways to add additional value to the Press Wheel System. The result was the Seed Sensing Technology enhancement to the Press Wheel System. In collaboration with an engineering team from across Atlantic Canada, and with local potato farmers who formed the core product test group, the Seed Sensing Technology was developed, tested, and commercialized.

BSSI was created by a farmer, builds technology for farmers, and is continually incorporating feedback from farmers into our products.

BSSi’s Mission

BSSI’s mandate is to provide reliable products that help farmers improve the economics and environmental sustainability of potato production by being as efficient as possible with the resources required for production. The maximum marketable yield with the least amount of inputs $$$.



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