Support & Maintenance

BSSi will be supporting all Seed Sensing Technology (SST) systems sold by periodically releasing software upgrades for security and as well as system updates to maintain peak performance. This will be done via an internet connection by installing a SIM card into the Winmate monitor. Much the same as any cell phone, each system will require a sim card obtained from the farm’s local provider. This internet connection provides the means by which the seeding data is uploaded from the systems to BSSi’s online application, this also enabling the remoting viewing during planter operation by mobile devices.

Our SST itself does not require an internet connect to function during planting. If LTE network connection is lost for whatever reason and regardless of duration, our system will automatically upload the seeding data when network connection is regained.

The BSSi team will be available by phone, email, and/or by smoke signal day & night to provide customer support. BSSi is looks forward to working with farmers to maximize the value that can be gained from the SST systems and the data they produce for each farm.

BSSi’s App Web Appication:

During the first year of service, the online app will be included in the purchase price of the SST system. The next season there will be a $400. subscription fee to maintain access to the online application. This includes coverage for maintaining, improving, increasing storage, & providing a secure site for the farmer to access their own data.

As an agricultural technology provider, BSSi’s core belief and policy is that farmers own their own data and we will have a user agreement ready in March of 2023 that will adhere to ”Ag Data Transparent“ standards.



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