Hear from Farmers using BSSI’s technology:

On our Farm we have been using BSSI’s press wheels on one of our planters for several years. It has proven over and over again that we can plant at whatever speed our cup system, spacing setting and seed cutting profile will allow.This has allowed us to plant at speeds of up to 5.5 mph on our wider spaced russet varieties and still have in the mid to high 90 percentile accuracy.

While doing tests on both planters we have proven that we have to maintain speeds of 2.8-3.1 mph to achieve the same accuracy on our planter not equipped with press wheels.

The past couple of years we have participated helping BSSi commercialize their new Seed Sensing Technology. This excites us because it’s going to allow us to have real time constant information on each row’s performance. We have already seen it help us detect a row not set the same as others and immediately correct the problem. We’re also interested in the data we are collecting and how we can learn to use it to help make decisions about seed cutting etc in the coming years.

If you’re looking to improve your planters spacing accuracy and speed at the same time this technology is certainly worth a look.

Jason Webster
MWM Farms Ltd
Middleton PEI

With the ever-rising costs of growing potatoes, we are actively seeking ways to increase our yield and minimize our costs. One of the ways we have been able to achieve this is in the planting process with our 6-row Spudnik planter. We utilize the press wheel technology which not only improves our plant stand but enhances our planting accuracy as well. We also have the ability to plant our crop at a faster rate which results in covering more acres in a shorter period of time thereby reducing the input costs of production.

We recently upgraded the press wheels to the new remote potato set sensing software in order to have a better understanding of the system and the ability to react in real time to our planting performance. The end result of this update has allowed us to make changes as well as improvements on the fly and has limited our downtime during variety changes.

Allan Waugh
Willard Waugh & Sons Ltd.

The addition of press wheels to our planter has undoubtedly increased precision at the same time increased the speed of operation. Adding seed sensing technology has allowed us to monitor planter performance over 100% of our acres without opening a single row. We can now make field-to-field adjustments to cope with varying soil conditions which may affect planter accuracy while on the go.

Brandon MacPhail
MacSull Farms

Hilltop Produce purchased two press wheel systems from Allan Equipment Manufacturing three years ago for our two 6-row Grimme planters. The systems improved our set placement and allowed us to increase the planting speed without decreasing the uniformity of the spacing between plants. We could see the differences when the plants emerge.

Last spring, we worked with the BSSi team to commercialize the Seed Sensing Technology. It gave us huge value to be able to monitor the seeds’ placement on the ground in real-time. This enabled us to improve the planter’s performance and let us catch any problems with the planter immediately. With the cost of seed and other inputs these days, knowing the exact spacing and the seeding rate per acre in real time helped us make better decisions while we were planting to maximize resources.

Andrew Lawless
Hilltop Produce



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